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Understanding Environmental Methods CD-Rom 5.0

Handbook of Environmental Analysis, 4th edition - This one-stop source for data helps improve test results by providing an explanation of the chemistry behind the methods. Summarizes frequently needed data in a user-friendly format for air, water, and soil sample testing.

Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods, 5th edition - The reference that summarizes and clarifies the methods for analytical testing of inorganic and organic environmental samples. Explains and cross-references the separate methods required by major environmental statutes.

Lectures on Wastewater Analysis and Interpretation - The practical study guide for the Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Exam. Compiles and summarizes traditional testing methods covered on the exam administered by the Association of Boards of Certification and other certifying authorities. Provides a complete background in the chemistry needed to perform and interpret the tests.

Environmental Laboratory Data Evaluation - Explains the necessity of data validation process and provides a general overview of quality control procedures. Offers guidance on conducting data validation programs tailored to specific Federal requirements. The CD-ROM is the only place you will be able to find a copy of this publication.

Interpretation of Organic Data - Illuminates the principles of quality assurance and quality control by showing you how to attain defendable results and methods. Introduces the principles needed to effectively understand, monitor, and control the elements that affect environmental analysis.

Interpretation of Inorganic Data - Illuminates the principles of quality assurance and quality control for analyzing inorganic elements by showing you how to attain defendable results and methods within the PBMS. Introduces the principles needed to effectively understand, monitor, and control the factors that affect environmental analysis.

Interpretation of Biological Data (5.0) ( NEW ) - A new reference by Dr. Roy-Keith Smith. This is a companion to his other two references - Interpretation of Organic Data and Interpretation of Inorganic Data. The first two titles in this series concerned chemical data. This new release addresses biological data. Biological analysis is significantly different from chemical analysis in the details of the procedures, however the general requirements of the analysis remain consistent. One must know exactly what the test procedure is measuring and how that relates to the intended analytical data need. The concepts of analyte identification, accuracy, precision, and method sensitivity are still applicable and the issues related to laboratory contamination remain. Each of these areas are addressed in this new reference which will only be available via the new release of this CD-ROM.

EPA Methods (5.0) ( NEW ) - Version 5.0 includes all of the methods in Update IV of EPA SW-846. (Note version 4.1 includes methods in Update III of SW-846.) Over 30 new methods are introduced in Version 5.0 plus all other methods have been updated so that you have the most current information available. Each method referenced in the text is linked to allow more in-depth perusal of the original statute and accompanying requirements.

Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Program Methods and Procedures (5.0) ( NEW ) - Associated with the Clean Water Act, WET is defined as "the aggregate toxic effect of an effluent measured directly by an aquatic toxicity test". There are almost 1500 pages of documentation in the WET Program.

The latest CLPs (5.0) ( NEW ) - There are four CLP Programs that will be included in the new version:

  • Dioxans and Furans (189 pages of documentation)
  • Inorganic Analysis (361 pages of documentation)
  • Organic Analysis (532 pages of documentation)
  • Volatile Organic Analysis (400 pages of documentation)

CD-ROM Features Include:

  • A navigation bar interface for the Guide to Environmental Analytical Methods
  • Easy-to-use and powerful search engine
  • Full text for each referenced EPA method
  • Tables, charts, and illustrations
  • Copy and paste functions

Understanding Environmental Methods CD-ROM Version 5.0
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