Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers (IPG)

On-line Version

IPGT Cover

IPG On-line Version Click on the icon to the left to start downloading an on-line version of IPG (file size: about 500 KB).

This Acrobat PDF file complements the printed version of the Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers (IPG). It provides interactive features not possible in a printed book:

  • active web links
  • a linked Table of Contents
  • Acrobat Find
  • etc.
It also provides a preview for those who have not yet purchased IPG and would like to take a peek before purchasing.

This PDF version cannot be printed or changed.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader (which is required to view the Acrobat documents available on this page), click on the Acrobat logo below to download it, then install it. After it is installed, your browser should be able to view Acrobat files.