Revolutionary solution creatively implemented to recover a $1.5 million annual loss from damaged solar panels.



SiteScan is a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced technology and artificial intelligence to maximize the efficiency, detect issues, and ensure peak performance for solar energy systems. By leveraging efficient data collection methods, streamlined data processing, robust data analysis, and practical application of identified anomalies, SolarScan enables proactive maintenance and optimization of solar field performance.


Data collection

Efficient Data Collection using Drones and Sensors for Analysis and Anomaly DetectionSolar Scan utilizes drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors to efficiently collect data from solar panel installations. The drones are programmed to fly over the solar fields, capturing detailed imagery and collecting relevant data points. The sensors are designed to measure various parameters, including temperature differentials, electrical output, and environmental conditions. This comprehensive data collection approach ensures that all critical aspects of solar panel performance are captured accurately.



Data processing

Streamlined Data Processing of Captured Data, Converting Raw Information into Actionable InsightsOnce the data is collected, SolarScan employs a streamlined data processing system to convert the raw information into meaningful insights. The captured imagery and sensor data are fed into the SolarScan software, which utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and process the information. This process involves image recognition, data correlation, and contextual analysis to extract valuable data points that are essential for solar panel performance evaluation.



Data analysis

Robust Data Analysis Employing AI Analytics to Identify Anomalies in Solar Field Data, Enabling Proactive MaintenanceSolarScan harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) analytics to conduct a robust data analysis of the collected information. The AI algorithms integrated into the SiteScan software examine the data for patterns, trends, and anomalies. By comparing the collected data against established performance benchmarks, SiteScan identifies deviations, equipment malfunctions, and other issues affecting the solar energy system. The system can pinpoint anomalies at various levels, including equipment anomalies (inverters, combiners, trackers, diodes, junction boxes), system anomalies (strings, cells, offline modules, short circuits, hot spots), and environmental anomalies (soiling, vegetation, helix fault, physical damage).




Application: Practical Application of Identified Anomalies to Guide Targeted Maintenance Efforts, Optimizing Solar Field PerformanceSolarScan goes beyond data analysis by providing practical applications for the identified anomalies. The system generates detailed reports and alerts highlighting the specific issues detected in the solar field. These reports guide targeted maintenance efforts, enabling solar field operators to address the identified anomalies promptly. By addressing equipment malfunctions, system irregularities, and environmental challenges in a proactive manner, SolarScan helps optimize the performance and overall efficiency of the solar energy system.Benefits of SolarScan:


Enhanced efficiency

SiteScan streamlines the entire inspection process, reducing the time and resources required for manual inspections. This results in increased operational efficiency for solar field operators.

Proactive maintenance

By identifying anomalies and issues in real-time, SiteScan allows for proactive maintenance. This approach helps prevent potential downtime, reduces repair costs, and extends the lifespan of solar panels.

Optimized performance

With SiteScan’s accurate data analysis and anomaly detection, solar field operators can optimize the performance of their solar energy systems. By addressing equipment and system irregularities promptly, they can maximize the energy output and revenue generation.

Cost savings

SiteScan helps minimize downtime, repair costs, and revenue loss associated with solar panel issues. The early detection of anomalies allows for targeted maintenance, preventing larger problems and costly repairs in the future.


By ensuring the optimal performance of solar energy systems, SiteScan contributes to a more sustainable and reliable source of renewable energy.