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Genium is a premium software engineering and agile consulting firm that connects innovative companies with world-class developers, engineers, and security experts. As an ITAR compliant company, we are authorized to work on export compliance projects in the Space and Aviation fields in the US. This compliance ensures that we can engage in both domestic and nearshore projects with the utmost quality and security processes in place.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in LATAM and Europe, we lead the way in building talented teams with top-notch skills and expertise to keep companies powered by innovation while minimizing risk. We specialize in providing the best people and solutions for companies and industries that require high-quality, proper software development procedures. Our commitment extends beyond just technical prowess; we pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are not only technically proficient but also good team players. Our interview process has extra steps, including psychological profiling, to minimize security risks, ensuring that we onboard only the best.

Our certifications in time-saving agile development methods, coupled with our proven expertise in secure mobile app development, blockchain, AI, IoT, Big Data, and more, position us as leaders in the industry. Furthermore, we continue to pave the way in bringing talent, experience, and quality to custom software development projects in cutting-edge tech.

Genium Academy

Genium Academy offers a blend of online and offline courses tailored for children and adults alike. Our curriculum is designed to ignite a passion for software engineering, quality assurance, IT services, and electronic game development. With specialized training in Unity, Web and Mobile we pave the way for learners to explore and excel in the vast realm of technology.


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CTOs and industry leaders have left glowing reviews about their experiences, highlighting the exceptional quality of our services.

Genium helped us to save 1.6 million a year on engineering.

"Genium's team extension model was a game changer for us. They provided 16 highly skilled mobile engineers who seamlessly integrated with our team, delivering exceptional native iOS and Mobile apps. They also quickly provided additional backend resources for third party integration and project management. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional talent and project support."


CTO of Tech company.

High Security, Hired Exceptional engineers.

"Genium provided us with a highly skilled team of front-end and backend developers, as well as BI and Data Science experts, to quickly scale our cybersecurity products. Their high security ITAR standards and background checks gave us peace of mind, while their exceptional results and efficient integration made them a trusted partner. Highly recommend their services for anyone in need of exceptional talent and cybersecurity support."


CTO at Cybersecurity Tech Company.

Genium team helped us to digitalize our medical business and increase user engagement by 40%.

"Genium's complete suite of mobile and web apps, along with a website, helped us scale to 1000 locations in the US, increase engagement by 40%, and reduce overhead associated with managing bookings and patients. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured highly functional and user-friendly products. We highly recommend Genium for anyone looking to take their business to the next level."


Head of Operations at Medical Corporation.

Digitalized our business that was still running on outdated software.

"Genium helped us digitize our energy company, upgrading our data dashboards and data collection capabilities. Their expert team enabled us to present data to clients and make informed, real-time decisions on-site. Highly functional and user-friendly products were delivered with exceptional support."


SVP of Product at Energy Company.


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